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Asian (Autor: admin) - Nan

Performance is what you get when you go with Dirty squirter, When she cums she lets out a jet of warm piss, Yea i love it Great cock sucking mouth, hard boddy and firm hard little titys, She askes me if she did a good job after we finish. Its seemed to be a matter of pride to her that she gives good service ,she realy wants all the men to love her. Well they all do, just not for long.
Story published 28-03-2013, 14:36, viewed 3677 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Casting (Autor: admin) - Courtney Shea

We met up with Courtney and she was a little nervous at first. She’s had nothing to be nervous about because she was way hotter in person than in pictures. After revealing she lost her virginity at 13, I got to work and busted that pussy wide open! Everything was peachy so I busted a huge nut all over her Southern belle face.
Story published 24-03-2013, 19:01, viewed 3279 times and 0 comments left.
Pornostars (Autor: admin) - Madison Ivy - Naughty Nuru

Toni is on vacation, and he's looking for a little late night fun. He's heard word on the street that the ZZ brothel is the hottest massage parlor in the red light district and the house madame Madison is the best of the best. But can she meet his request to suck all the tension out of his throbbing muscle?
Story published 22-03-2013, 11:11, viewed 2067 times and 0 comments left.
Anal, Group (Autor: admin) - Mona Lizz - Sweet pussy

Choky and George are having a little party at JJs apartment. They invite Mona and Lana, two beautiful and sexy european girls. Choky and Mona get comfortable with each other. He starts rubbing her ass and shows it off a little. Not to be outdone George starts to do the same with Lana. Then George comes up with a great idea of comparing these two amazing asses. JJs all for it and becomes the unofficial judge. Once their pants are down it doesnt take much more before the girls are sucking cock and the guys are licking pussy. As the party progresses the girls fuck and suck their way between the two men. At one point the girls end up in a 69 position with each other and the following occurs. Chocky cums on Lanas ass and Mona sucks his cock clean while George cums on Monas belly and pussy and Lana sucks his cock clean. After enduring quite the workout and covered with cum the girls go take a shower.
Story published 28-02-2013, 11:08, viewed 2431 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Amateur (Autor: admin) - Gina Gerson

I love Russian girls. This petite looking little sweet slut gave me the blowjob of a lifetime and loves it when a man shows who's in charge and rams his dick deep in her throat. This girl loves dick and sex so much and she got what she deserved, a huge load of cum all over her face. And in her eyes, which she didn't like that much.
Story published 25-02-2013, 18:19, viewed 2902 times and 0 comments left. - Patrick, Rita - Rita on Patrick

Patrick is under her spell as soon as she applies the hot herb compress, and as her heaving chest protrudes onto him it's not just the massage tools which are making him hot. Teasing his hard cock with her slick, full chest Rita can't help but smile as her client can do little more but let his eyes roll back in pure and utter bliss. A perfect angel, she runs her delicate hands up and down his shaft before placing her tight little pussy in front of him to give him a taste of heaven.

As Patrick fills her with his eager cock her face is locked in a state of bliss as she kisses him deeply as lets their lust take over, resulting in a messy climax all over her massage table.
Story published 21-02-2013, 13:41, viewed 2794 times and 0 comments left. - Angel, George - George on Angel

Starting with her gorgeous, dainty little feet George oils up the petite Angel and lets her mind wander in bliss as his tender hands knead away any tension she has built up in that perfect body. Her curvy bottom lay perfect under the small of her back, rippling under the rhythmic massage as her gorgeous face reads perfect contentment. Catching her breath in excitement, George works her pussy with his manly fingers as she squirms underneath him before they lock in a deep passionate kiss and he sinks into her from behind.

As he teases her pussy with his bulging tip she can't control herself and we witness the sweet little Angel lose herself in orgasm, a true beauty. Not to be outdone, George takes her from behind one last time and pummels her tight opening until her back is covered in his pleasure.
Story published 21-02-2013, 12:39, viewed 2630 times and 0 comments left.