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Story published 3-04-2013, 14:52, viewed 2561 times and 0 comments left.
Story published 3-04-2013, 13:34, viewed 2354 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Group (Autor: admin) - A fake blonde with real juggs

Her name is Stella, she's a sweetheart! Very easy going and agreeable to practically anything. She told us that she tend to sexualize almost everything in her life, that she needs sex constantly (betcha ya want her number, huh? ;) And the best thing is that she doesn't see anything wrong with it, she simply enjoys having sex as much as she could! You will see it, she's so naturally and deliciously horny and very desirable. The guys that were there that night asked us afterwards if she could possibly come again...
The full video is 32 minutes long, and it's HOT!
Story published 25-03-2013, 14:45, viewed 2359 times and 0 comments left.
Story published 22-03-2013, 17:16, viewed 2580 times and 0 comments left. - Patrick, Rita - Rita on Patrick

Patrick is under her spell as soon as she applies the hot herb compress, and as her heaving chest protrudes onto him it's not just the massage tools which are making him hot. Teasing his hard cock with her slick, full chest Rita can't help but smile as her client can do little more but let his eyes roll back in pure and utter bliss. A perfect angel, she runs her delicate hands up and down his shaft before placing her tight little pussy in front of him to give him a taste of heaven.

As Patrick fills her with his eager cock her face is locked in a state of bliss as she kisses him deeply as lets their lust take over, resulting in a messy climax all over her massage table.
Story published 21-02-2013, 13:41, viewed 2743 times and 0 comments left. - Enza, George - George on Enza

A smile spread on her gorgeous face, Enza is perfectly relaxed as her therapist George gets straight to work in relieving her of any aches and pains as his muscular hands knead her body over and over. As the oil hits her skin the temperate rises as her body becomes even more incredible, the soft lighting creating a slick sheen over her amazing curves. He can't resist and slips his fingers deep inside her, penetrating her need for him with each twist of his hand. She tastes just as good as she feels, his expert tongue working her into a frenzy.

Enza can't wait to feel his thick cock inside her and gasps in pleasure as he enters her, her entire core shaken with pleasure as he sinks inside.
Story published 21-02-2013, 13:33, viewed 2672 times and 0 comments left. - Steve, Rita - Rita on Steve

Steve is in need of some tender loving care as and has called on Rita specifically after hearing of her skills... As she uses a mixture of firm and gentle strokes to loosen him up she can't help but take advantage of his relaxed state as she brings his hand up to graze her ample breasts. Straining through her tight, white tank top the outline of her nipples tease him as he sets them free, as Rita reaches for his thick, hard cock and smoothes it in oil.

Her slick pussy on the tip of his tongue as she bows her head in a slick 69 it's not long before the brunette beauty is on the cusp of climax. Tentatively taking her from behind Steve eases his cock gently inside her, each inch fuelling her lust for him as she becomes more and more vocal. Her perfect body crushing against him, she looks him deep in the eye as he releases his orgasm all over her.
Story published 20-02-2013, 18:35, viewed 2717 times and 0 comments left.