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Edita found pink panties in her Brian’s bag and that was it. She knew he’s been cheating on her, but that was just too much. It was time to make this bastard pay for his betrayal and she knew exactly how to do it. She had him strapped to a chair in the bathroom and invited another guy over to shamelessly suck his dick and get fucked right in front of her cuckold boyfriend. Yeah, you read it right. Now this schmuck is her fucking cuckold too!
Story published 5-03-2014, 10:20, viewed 2636 times and 0 comments left. - Barbara - Playboy turned into a cuckold

Derek thought he could get away with fucking another chick at home, but his girlfriend found his lover’s panties right in their bed. Boy was this blonde bitch pissed! She had Derek tied and gagged in bed and invited some bigcocked muscular guy to fuck her brains out right in front of his eyes. Now this poor fella is just a spineless cuckold and his slutty girlfriend is gonna fuck any guy she wants making him watch it all and suffer.
Story published 18-02-2014, 12:24, viewed 2698 times and 0 comments left.
Teens (Autor: admin) - Zarina - Twisted cuckolding

It's funny how things turn around. This chick dumped one cuckold boyfriend and is now with a new one, but when she finds out he's a cheating sleezeball too she calls her ex and asks for help with kinky sex revenge. Oh, this fucking slut is so twisted having this guy bound with duct tape and making him watch her fuck her ex right in front of his eyes. This unfaithful dick totally deserves to be a cuckold and there's nothing he can do about it.
Story published 5-02-2014, 12:08, viewed 2530 times and 0 comments left. - Adel - Another guy makes his wife cum

Look at this pathetic loser! He is tied up and has to watch his beautiful young wife give some guy she invited home a blowjob, get fucked to multiple orgasms and take a messy cumshot right on her pussy and belly. A girlfriend told her about her hubby’s infidelity and this is her revenge – she turns him into a helpless cuckold. She probably even still loves him, but in a new perverted way that is going to change their sex life once and for all.
Story published 15-01-2014, 11:48, viewed 2841 times and 0 comments left. - Vera - From a boxer to a cuckold

Did this moron really believe he could get away with cheating on his girlfriend while she thought he was at a boxing practice? No fucking way! She found another chick's panties in his bag and retaliated with sex revenge he never saw coming. She had him bound with duct tape in bed and brought in her friend to have sex right by his side. No boxing gloves will save you from becoming a cuckold, fella. Watch your honey take that cock and suffer!
Story published 12-01-2014, 16:35, viewed 2673 times and 0 comments left.
Story published 6-07-2013, 17:21, viewed 3140 times and 0 comments left. - Misha, Angelica, Patrik - Interracial cuckold revenge fuck

This shameless guy claims he has no idea what his girlfriend is talking about when she tells him she found out about his affair with another chick. He keeps denying it even when his honey has him tied up and calls up her dark-skinned friend Eric for a fucking revenge. She wants to show that bastard he's not the only one who can cheat and have great sex in this house. What a depraved idea and what an exciting interracial revenge cuckold fuck!
Story published 25-06-2013, 17:17, viewed 4056 times and 0 comments left.
Teens (Autor: admin) - Diana, Todd, Achil - Unfaithful guy punished by a girlfriend

This shocked nubile cutie cannot believe her eyes when she first sees the pics with her boyfriend fucking some other chick. This bastard betrayed her and now she's gonna pay him back by turning him into a fucking cuckold. Watch her trick this dumb asshole into letting her cuff him to gymnastic wall bars and have sex with another guy right in front of his eyes. This cuckold is so jealous, horny and humiliated right now. Ah, sweet fucking revenge!
Story published 25-06-2013, 16:46, viewed 3853 times and 0 comments left. - Sveta, Nik, Pasha - Turned cuckold for cheating on his gf

This chick is so mad at her boyfriend for cheating on her she's willing to do anything to punish this schmuck, even invite her ex to have sex right in front of his eyes. She gags the poor guy to keep him quiet and ties him up to make him just lie there and watch. He feels humiliated like never before, but also a little horny, the fact he would never admit to anyone. His first cuckold experience comes as a real life-changing shocker.
Story published 9-06-2013, 16:52, viewed 3429 times and 0 comments left.
Teens (Autor: admin) - Alena, Joe, Achil - Sex revenge from a slut

This drunken guy fell asleep with some chick's panties in his pocket, but he quickly sobers up when he wakes up with his hands and feet tied and his girlfriend making out with some guy right in front of him. That's what you get for being a cheating schmuck! He can't do anything but moan and threaten his gf and her lover as that dude fucks her any way he wants. The bitch even gives her bf a kiss while getting drilled doggystyle. What a whore!
Story published 9-06-2013, 16:23, viewed 3268 times and 0 comments left.
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