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Anal, Teens, Casting (Autor: admin) - Harper
Story published 31-10-2014, 23:08, viewed 2748 times and 0 comments left.
Anal, Teens, Casting (Autor: admin) - Violette
Story published 31-10-2014, 22:30, viewed 2805 times and 0 comments left.
Anal, Pornostars (Autor: admin) - Johanna Johansen - From Russia To Philly!

Johanna Johansen is a smokin hot Russian girl who hails from Moscow and here she is in Philly for the first time and is ready to have her ass fucked and gaped. This girl is amazing and has a great ass and she gapes REALLY well - what is up with these Russian girls who love anal and can gape? I LOVE IT! Check out Johanna's solo ass tease and then she gets her asshole licked. This is followed by up and over doggie anal, reverse and regular cowgirl anal, missionary with great angles of the penetration and then reverse piledriver and regular piledriver anal action. I then shoot my load right into her asshole and it pours out. You'll see some pretty hardcore anal drilling and pounding. Johanna speaks decent English, but one thing you can tell is she LOVES having her ass fucked, gaped and creampied!
Story published 31-10-2014, 21:47, viewed 2439 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Group, Asian (Autor: admin) - Nok and Mot

In life you never know what to expect when dealing with the masses. On any given day the person you run into might not be a true reflection of their normal self. Nok and Mot seen here were on a hot and cold day. Nok was the Hot one and Mot was the cold one, at least as the night started off. As we got to the meat and potatoes of the scene and I was burying my cock in both these girls snatches their personalities switched. Nok got burned out and started going cold while Mot heated up with all the pussy action she was getting. I did what I could to just enjoy the moment and just kept pounding away. Shoes were off as the girls were being fancy free and refusing to bow down to complete submission at the whims of the director. Yet somehow with all the juggling of positions and switching of personalities I was able to pull it off to a frothy crescendo.
Story published 31-10-2014, 21:25, viewed 3378 times and 0 comments left.
Asian (Autor: admin) - Bebe
Story published 31-10-2014, 21:24, viewed 4927 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Asian (Autor: admin) - May

Having found a girl off the beach road in Gee, who had been quite keen on movie action, she landed me a few girls who were also up for the action. Some of them were substandard so I had to give them a miss, but , Aon, and now , May were to become the latest and greatest in the ACP pussy collection. May had done a movie before some years back or so she claimed. Not an ounce of fat on this girl with a body of a 19 year old. I took her back to the shag pad for a little R&R ACP style. Needless to say she didn't get any rest in this shag session as we pulled a train on her and rode her into exhaustion. Both my Mate and I both dumped a nice load in her face which she took as can be expected. One of the smallest girls we've ever had but with more energy than girls 10 kilos heavier. The small one's often surprise you, I guess it's true what they say that good things come in small packages.
Story published 31-10-2014, 21:09, viewed 3418 times and 0 comments left.
Asian (Autor: admin) - Noy
Story published 31-10-2014, 21:03, viewed 5152 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Asian (Autor: admin) - Pim

I normally like to take a leisurely approach to finding new talent as I hate being pressured that I have to land a girl to fulfill the quota for the website. I was starting to feel a bit desperate at this point because I was on my 5th night with nothing to show for all the scouting I was doing. With High-season coming into full swing it was definitely more demanding a job. Finally saying to myself "just one more bar", I pulled this girl in at the witching hour which is midnight for the uninitiated. I spotted her immediately and called her over and said, "Do you make movie", she looked at me and smiled while nodding in the affirmative. I swung her back to the shag pad while notifying my mate that we would be burning the midnight oil on this shoot. This girl was a natural with at least a bit of experience with her past customer having shot her before in which sounded like a amateur attempt. She really loved the cock inside her and moaned and groaned like a true pro. With a tight package like she had we were in for another ACP classic of a night.
Story published 31-10-2014, 20:17, viewed 3495 times and 0 comments left.
Asian (Autor: admin) - Auf

Auf Needs crap tattooes, then she will be perfect. Also large nose ring.
Story published 31-10-2014, 20:15, viewed 4548 times and 0 comments left.
Asian (Autor: admin) - Nani

You're going to remember the day you saw Nani get fucked. She just doesn't get fucked. She gets FUCKED! Her pussy will never be the same again. That sounds like a lot of hype. It might even sound like something you've read on other porn sites. Your eyes tell you that this is the real deal. She is a sexy Asian hottie that only has one thing on her mind. She's not pondering what world peace would be like. She's not thinking of ways to end homelessness. She wants to get fucked. She wants a man to pound her pussy so hard she feels it for a week. That's exactly what happens to. Her vagina is stretched like a rubber band by his meaty monster cock!
Story published 31-10-2014, 20:14, viewed 4398 times and 0 comments left.
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