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SadicticRope.com - Sahara Rain - Relentless Brutality

Sahara finds herself bound in a stressful tie atop the stairs awaiting my arrival. She struggles to free herself with no luck of escaping and her mind begins to go to that place of fear and uncertainty. She is subjected to non-stop spanking and nipple torment before the vibe is applied to her already wet pussy and powerful orgasms are ripped out of her. She is then spread wide on her back and left helpless to the dance between pleasure and pain as her pussy is fucked and vibed while her feet suffer from rubber band bastinado. She is losing control due to this extreme torment, not knowing if she can continue from the pain, yet wanting to orgasm so badly. Next she is suspended upside down, and the suffering is more brutal than before. She is pulled through the air by her nipples and her screams become louder and louder. A plug is inserted in to her tight asshole and she is tormented with more spankings. The scene ends with her hanging from one knee increasing her suffering, and left alone and helpless. The sybian is the most powerful vibe that is made and Sahara is tied to it and orgasms flow from her more than willing cunt. The torment is unforgiving, but her pussy has taken control of her body and can't stop the orgasms, no matter how hard she tries.
Story published 3-04-2013, 14:02, viewed 2406 times and 0 comments left.
Anal, Pornostars (Autor: admin)
BigWetButts.com - Remy LaCroix - Remy's Ring Toss

After an afternoon of wriggling her fit, lithe body through her favorite hula-hoop, Remy Lacroix wants to be bent over and spun around herself! Enter Keiran Lee, ready to enter Remy's tight hungry ass and give her the pounding she craves.
Story published 22-03-2013, 10:40, viewed 2670 times and 2 comments left.
Teens, Softcore (Autor: admin)
EroticSnap.com - Viktoria - Head Trip

In this scene Viktoria starts out wearing panties. Her hand reaches inside them. She plays with herself and closes her eyes. When she’s wet enough she loses the panties and works her sex toy into the mix, gliding it up and down the length of her slit.
Moments later she is impaling herself with the clear dildo, which reflects white light onto her pussy as it dives in and out. Finally after she cums she licks her juices off the dildo as she gazes into camera.
Story published 5-03-2013, 13:23, viewed 1696 times and 0 comments left.
MassageRooms.com - Angel, George - George on Angel

Starting with her gorgeous, dainty little feet George oils up the petite Angel and lets her mind wander in bliss as his tender hands knead away any tension she has built up in that perfect body. Her curvy bottom lay perfect under the small of her back, rippling under the rhythmic massage as her gorgeous face reads perfect contentment. Catching her breath in excitement, George works her pussy with his manly fingers as she squirms underneath him before they lock in a deep passionate kiss and he sinks into her from behind.

As he teases her pussy with his bulging tip she can't control herself and we witness the sweet little Angel lose herself in orgasm, a true beauty. Not to be outdone, George takes her from behind one last time and pummels her tight opening until her back is covered in his pleasure.
Story published 21-02-2013, 12:39, viewed 2474 times and 0 comments left.