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back 1 2 3 forward| - Anastasya - Really Hard Double Anal

Anastasya was looking forward for this double anal after I shot her for RussianTeenObsession. Not only for the money, but also because for her this was a challenge with her Agent about I don't know what personal think. Anyway, the stage was hard for her, me and Vadim extremely abused her asshole. She was also able to sit down herself over ours cocks, jumping up and down like she has a small pin in the ass instead then two hard cocks!
Story published 28-06-2014, 13:33, viewed 3747 times and 0 comments left.
Story published 13-06-2014, 15:07, viewed 2713 times and 0 comments left.| - Alisya - Incredible Triple Anal

Triple Anal, finally my dream come true. And we are not talking about 10 second of triple penetration. Here the triple action go on for long time. Best triple penetration I ever I've ever seen on the next. The scene start slowly with a long introduction where Alisya is able to fit in her ass 3 colored toys and then we we have abused of her asshole for 1/2 hour with a great anal action. Nice job!
Story published 16-05-2014, 09:00, viewed 2715 times and 0 comments left.
Story published 9-05-2014, 09:21, viewed 2743 times and 0 comments left.
Story published 2-05-2014, 08:58, viewed 2721 times and 0 comments left.| - Alice Ricci, Juliana Grandi - Crazy Sex With Juliana And Alice

Big Mess Today. I brought Juliana in Itali because I want to shoot her with Alice Ricci. Alice is one Italian pornstar who likes girls and crazy sex. I invited also my old friend Teo Mantera, and I'm sure we will have great fun today fucking these two sluts!
Story published 26-04-2014, 09:50, viewed 2635 times and 0 comments left.| - Gianna - First DP for Gianna

The first DP is something every girl will never forget. Today Gianna was not informed about the double penetration I wanted to shoot. She was complaining a bit about, but she could not do anything else then finally try something new. Well, the fucking was a bit too hard for her, but she finally enjoined to have 3 cocks inside all her holes!
Story published 25-04-2014, 13:47, viewed 3039 times and 0 comments left.
Story published 14-04-2014, 10:21, viewed 2552 times and 0 comments left.| - Svetik - Busy Brunette in Anal Sex

Bit tits! Finally in Russia I was able to find a girl so busty and also very horny and open to anal sex. I felt really strange to shoot this scene, I could not concentrate on the ass hole because these tits made me crazy, but I could not concentrate on the tits as well because I love her ass. Hard life for a porn director, isn't it?
Story published 31-03-2014, 11:58, viewed 2963 times and 0 comments left.
Story published 22-03-2014, 11:03, viewed 2661 times and 0 comments left.
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