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SadicticRope.com - Sahara Rain - Relentless Brutality

Sahara finds herself bound in a stressful tie atop the stairs awaiting my arrival. She struggles to free herself with no luck of escaping and her mind begins to go to that place of fear and uncertainty. She is subjected to non-stop spanking and nipple torment before the vibe is applied to her already wet pussy and powerful orgasms are ripped out of her. She is then spread wide on her back and left helpless to the dance between pleasure and pain as her pussy is fucked and vibed while her feet suffer from rubber band bastinado. She is losing control due to this extreme torment, not knowing if she can continue from the pain, yet wanting to orgasm so badly. Next she is suspended upside down, and the suffering is more brutal than before. She is pulled through the air by her nipples and her screams become louder and louder. A plug is inserted in to her tight asshole and she is tormented with more spankings. The scene ends with her hanging from one knee increasing her suffering, and left alone and helpless. The sybian is the most powerful vibe that is made and Sahara is tied to it and orgasms flow from her more than willing cunt. The torment is unforgiving, but her pussy has taken control of her body and can't stop the orgasms, no matter how hard she tries.
Story published 3-04-2013, 14:02, viewed 2467 times and 0 comments left.
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DriveByGirls.com - Very pregnant and horny

This one is very pregnant which was pretty obvious, which makes her belly and boobs stick out even more, with the nipples big and dark!
A lot of guys find pregnant women particularly attractive and hyper sexy, but naturally pregnant women just getting prepared for giving birth and sex is not in their agenda at all. But not this one... She wants to have sex all the time and craves the most rough and powerful action she can find!
The entire video is 40 minutes long and full of unforgettable action!
Story published 19-03-2013, 12:36, viewed 4089 times and 0 comments left.