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Asian (Autor: admin)
AsianCandyPop.com - Nani

You're going to remember the day you saw Nani get fucked. She just doesn't get fucked. She gets FUCKED! Her pussy will never be the same again. That sounds like a lot of hype. It might even sound like something you've read on other porn sites. Your eyes tell you that this is the real deal. She is a sexy Asian hottie that only has one thing on her mind. She's not pondering what world peace would be like. She's not thinking of ways to end homelessness. She wants to get fucked. She wants a man to pound her pussy so hard she feels it for a week. That's exactly what happens to. Her vagina is stretched like a rubber band by his meaty monster cock!
Story published 31-10-2014, 20:14, viewed 4071 times and 0 comments left.
Teens (Autor: admin)
ImmoraLlive.com - Whitney Grace

That hot blonde you see shaking her ass in front of the Wheel of Debauchery is none other than Whitney Grace and she is going to let fate decide how she fucks today. Will she land on Toy Time, Cowgirl or Audience Choice? You'll have to watch and find out but what we can tell you is you will see Whitney fucked all sorts of ways today. She happens to love anal and the close ups we have of her asshole are first rate. Travis fucks her so deep you can see it in her stomach as he fills her full of cock. Be sure to watch to the end when you see Whitney doing a head stand in her own cum as Travis simultaneously fucks her.
Story published 12-03-2013, 11:31, viewed 2471 times and 0 comments left.
Pornostars (Autor: admin)
EroticSnap.com - Rihanna - Sexual Attraction

This couple is in a new relationship they have just been dating two weeks. You know how much sex you have when things are fresh. Rihanna and Peter pull off each other's clothes and start going for it with passion. She sucks him off like the artist that she is, making him rock hard. He deftly fingers her pussy and licks her ass from behind.
Peter enters her doggie style, holding onto her hips to pull her back against him. Rihanna's soft moans grow more insistent as her pleasure increases.
He flips her over and continues thrusting away. A minute later she's mounting him. She turns around and holds onto his knees while fucking him, she can't get enough. After cumming she climbs off and jerks him to a happy ending. I'm sure they we be going for it again in a couple of hours.
Story published 3-03-2013, 11:02, viewed 1988 times and 0 comments left.
Teens (Autor: admin)
TeenBurg.com - Kelly and Petr

Kelly has been abstaining from sex for two weeks now - her boyfriend Petr has been on a seaside vacation. Now that he's back she's going to show him just how much did she miss him, with her body, of course. Pale skinned teen nubile and her tanned boyfriend got right down to business, starting things off with some oral teen love, sucking cock and licking a pussy got them both ready for the real deal. Hardcore teen sex in all of the regular sex positions and even some exotic ones showed Kelly that she was right to abstain for a bit - these orgasms are so much hotter because of that, much stronger than ones she feels regularly.
Story published 26-02-2013, 11:52, viewed 2380 times and 0 comments left.