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Asian (Autor: admin) - May and Orm

Is there anything more dirty than seeing two girls eat pussy? You know the answer to that question. There is nothing in the world that's more dirty. These two girls, they really like to eat pussy. They can even make each other cum. How many of you guys wish you were in the room with them? That's a trick question. There is no way that any of you wouldn't want to be there. Be prepared to listen to these girls moan while they make each other feel good. Pleasure is the name of the game and no one does it like Asian lesbians!
Story published 29-10-2014, 20:10, viewed 5120 times and 0 comments left. - Ivana Sweet and Molly Bennett

Ivana Sweet and Molly Bennett tag teamed SquirtaMania. European Ivana Sweet came from Ukraine to show off her pussy talents, and American teen Molly Bennett was new to porn and excited to make her pussy squirt. She loves coming to Immoral Live because Porno Dan always makes her body feel so good. Molly Bennett let Porno Dan pound her pussy while Ivana played with her perky tits and gave her kisses. These sluts had so many orgasms playing with real cocks, fake cocks, vibrators, and tongues. They were willing to take any type of pleasure if it meant squirting all over the camera!
Story published 11-03-2013, 14:23, viewed 2739 times and 0 comments left.
Teens (Autor: admin) - Lilly - You Belong To Me

Chad has Lilly over for the first time since they met at a club a week ago He's good-looking and fit, and she knows he's got it going on. As he walks down the hall to the bedroom, Lilly is eager to know if he can fuck as good as he can dance.
After undressing each other he looks into her eyes and they slowly kiss. Lilly slides off his underwear and takes him into her mouth. After blowing him she raises her hips up to meet him as he enters her. Chad slides his massive cock into her tight little pussy. Lilly gets so wet so quickly. She is so responsive.
These two really have great chemistry. Chad guides her through multiple positions, she loves the man to be in control. Pleasure is running through them as they continue to make love. Just as he is about to cum she goes down on him for an explosive climax. Yes he can fuck as good as he can dance.
Story published 3-03-2013, 11:19, viewed 2258 times and 0 comments left.
Teens (Autor: admin) - Kelly and Petr

Kelly has been abstaining from sex for two weeks now - her boyfriend Petr has been on a seaside vacation. Now that he's back she's going to show him just how much did she miss him, with her body, of course. Pale skinned teen nubile and her tanned boyfriend got right down to business, starting things off with some oral teen love, sucking cock and licking a pussy got them both ready for the real deal. Hardcore teen sex in all of the regular sex positions and even some exotic ones showed Kelly that she was right to abstain for a bit - these orgasms are so much hotter because of that, much stronger than ones she feels regularly.
Story published 26-02-2013, 11:52, viewed 2668 times and 0 comments left.