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Teens, Group (Autor: admin)
DriveByGirls.com - An eye between the legs

She knows in general what to expect from her adventure but most likely prepared for pretty much anything and accepts everything that is coming her way, and in the process is getting really exciting which is pretty obvious from her facial expressions, sometimes pretty happy ones ;)
When she sticks her butt through the window she is trying to see what comes next and that creates composition similar to the picture on 1 dollar bill ;)
The entire video is 40 min long and full of excitement and action!
Story published 21-03-2013, 14:24, viewed 2273 times and 0 comments left.
Amateur (Autor: admin)
Eurobabecumshots.com - Promesita

Promesita is what I would call a real lazy bitch. After 10 second of sucking she already starts sighing and a minute or so later she wonders how much longer she has to suck. She enjoys being fucked, that way she doesn't have to do any work. When I want to finish over her face, she objects even though that was the deal beforehand. She agrees that I can finish over her mouth, but I don't think she expected that much cum. She doesn't look that happy afterwards.
Story published 9-03-2013, 12:54, viewed 2600 times and 0 comments left.
Pornostars (Autor: admin)
EroticSnap.com - Rihanna - Sexual Attraction

This couple is in a new relationship they have just been dating two weeks. You know how much sex you have when things are fresh. Rihanna and Peter pull off each other's clothes and start going for it with passion. She sucks him off like the artist that she is, making him rock hard. He deftly fingers her pussy and licks her ass from behind.
Peter enters her doggie style, holding onto her hips to pull her back against him. Rihanna's soft moans grow more insistent as her pleasure increases.
He flips her over and continues thrusting away. A minute later she's mounting him. She turns around and holds onto his knees while fucking him, she can't get enough. After cumming she climbs off and jerks him to a happy ending. I'm sure they we be going for it again in a couple of hours.
Story published 3-03-2013, 11:02, viewed 1988 times and 0 comments left.