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Other (Autor: admin) - Alyssa - A minx in a Mac!

Please forgive the witty pun, but due to the freak weather conditions I had to interview the gorgeous porn fan, Alyssa, out in the pouring rain in her Mac or "Raincoat" to the young folk out there. Anyway Alyssa put herself forward as a worthy participant in a Jim Slip jolly jape and naturally I agreed. She looked so good in her Mac that I got her to wear it in the scene and you will see that she had stockings and suspenders on UNDER the Mac, which to us men IS VERY SEXY INDEED. Don't ask me why, ladies, but if you want to give your man a thrill, get yourselves a Mac and put on underneath nothing else apart from sexy lingerie and heels and then expose yourself to your partner and I can guarantee you will be bent over the sink and fucked senseless immediately. BUT DON'T DO IT AT THE OFFICE OR IN A BUS QUEUE OR SHOPPING CENTRE as you might ...
Story published 22-03-2013, 14:57, viewed 2787 times and 0 comments left. - Amber Daikiri - Stud Delivers Refreshment!

Everybody’s been suffering from the outrageous summer heat this year, and Amber Daikiri is no exception. She opens her blouse as she sits in her stifling office, but water is necessary too. Unfortunately the company cooler has run dry, so she calls the water service to deliver a new supply. Mike Angel brings it over, and once he helps her satisfy her craving for H20, Mike shows how he can cut the edge of her other needs as well. He’s got a huge shaft of stud meat in his jeans, and once Amber feels it, her office routine is definitely going to be disrupted for awhile! She immediately gets down on her knees to sample that thick dark organ, which fills her face just as her glasses creep down the bridge of her nose! Rubbing her pussy through her panties, she primes herself for further activities which will result upon the realignment of her body against the edge of her desk--meaning, when she’s bent over Mike will be able to lick her pussy and then fill that snatch with his enormous prick. Amber feels every pulsing vein as he fucks her, exciting her clit with his thrusts and how he rubs himself over her vaginal flower. He licks her some more and sucks him too, before squatting down on his rod and taking it not only in her hungry clam, but deeply into her asshole as well. After the butt-plunge she displays a nice dark shadowy gape for our viewing pleasure, and then she sets about sucking his dong once again, reveling in its length and scimitar-like curve before she finally takes it again in her bottom and coaxes out a big creamy load over her rosebud!
Story published 20-10-2012, 11:47, viewed 2463 times and 0 comments left.