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When buxom blonde Lilith finds her boyfriend passed out on the sofa with a half-empty bottle of wine, she finds herself getting very thirsty. It's not wine that she's craving though. This dirty diva has something very naughty in mind. Hiking her skirt up around her waist, Lilith lets a stream of warm pee flow onto her man's stomach. When that doesn't do the trick of waking him, she unzips his pants and rouses him with a blowjob. Soft, wet lips wrapped around his dick finally gets him on his feet, but the need to release his bladder is overwhelming. Sensing his urgency, the obedient blonde quickly drops to her knees with her mouth open wide, hungry for a taste of his wine-tinted urine. As a hot, tingling sensation starts to grow between Lilith's legs, she begins to realize that this is going to be one very wet and fulfilling night!
Story published 6-05-2014, 12:36, viewed 2402 times and 0 comments left.