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Teens (Autor: admin)
Story published 28-06-2013, 11:58, viewed 2581 times and 0 comments left.
Anal, Teens (Autor: admin)
Story published 27-06-2013, 12:03, viewed 3154 times and 0 comments left.
JimSlip.com - Henessy, Lara Latex - Sex crazed schoolgirl mayhem!

Jimslip.com members will have already seen how a few weeks ago my wife, Lara Latex, had been ravaged by wanton schoolgirl, Henessey. It seemed that donning the school uniform had turned Henessey into a crazed sex slut and having left Lara strewn lifeless on the sofa had decided to launch an all out attack on me! What was I to do? A true professional, a master of my craft as cameraman, director and dare I say, thespian? To be honest, I blushed as Henessey and Lara beckoned me to join in their lewd and shameful antics. I, a purveyor of, "The Art" was left with 2 simple choices; to either fiercely protest and insist that I adhere to the unwritten international lore of the video cameramen, ie to NEVER grope one's subjects, or secondly to think, "Bollocks, life is too short, let's get my kn...
Story published 26-06-2013, 15:06, viewed 3365 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Softcore (Autor: admin)
JimSlip.com - Tracy Gold - Tracey Golden Girl

Yes she's back again, by popular demand, the 18 year old beautiful blonde teen with the biggest smile on jimslip.com, Tracey. This week she is back but this time dressed as a slutty, ballerina, with rips in places that would give her ballet mistress a heart attack! Imagine if your wife stumbled on you with Tracey dressed like this in a hotel room and grinning from ear to ear. What would be your excuse, what could you possibly say? "She got separated from her troupe and knocked on my door for help?" Or perhaps, "I thought you'd look great in this outfit, dear, but just to make sure, I asked the room maid to try it on first?" or, "I was a bit lonely so I invited the ballerina next door to come and play Twister!?" No, sir, you would be ruined, finished, your suitcases dumped by the front door! Tracey and girls like her are like a modern day ...
Story published 26-03-2013, 12:14, viewed 2398 times and 0 comments left.
Pornostars (Autor: admin)
JimSlip.com - Lora Summer - A whole Lora love

If my late gran had seen Lora's skintight rubber effect trousers she would have venomously spat, "I expect you'll find trousers like THOSE hanging in the Devil's wardrobe soon enough!" Although I can't imagine The Devil has need of a "wardrobe" per se. Truly on Lora they did cling in places that would make a brothel owner blush! For that reason alone, I accosted her in the street and did my "I'm a photographer......blah! blah!" routine on her and sure enough she was back at my place and in no time I had my fingers clenched into her round, rubber-clad buttocks. I challenge the Pope himself not to be tempted from his holy path by the site of a girl like Lora strutting around in these abominations known as trousers! Anyway, as you will see Lora was a very cute, young minx and was more than willing to peel off her trousers and everything else...
Story published 25-03-2013, 11:58, viewed 2095 times and 0 comments left.
JimSlip.com - Nesty

As you will have seen if you check over on the other side, ie on Larasplayground, Lara and Nesty indulged in some hot xxx lesbo action some weeks ago and now she's back, and she's horny! Yes folks, lesbo action cannot take the place of hard cock. This fact has been scientifically studied in detail by the "National Association of Dads," NADS, at their Laboratoire at the Dog and Duck in Cleethorpes. So naturally, Nesty, crazed with lust, donned a mini- kilt and leapt into action and there was no stopping her insatiable lust for cock! In the Middle Ages her behaviour would have had her up before the Witch-finder General! Anyway to make things worse by the end of this update Lara had also become possessed by a desperate need for cock, so throwing her professionalism out of the window, dumped the camera on a tripod and joined in, so now I had...
Story published 24-03-2013, 11:35, viewed 2370 times and 0 comments left.
Pornostars (Autor: admin)
JimSlip.com - Candy Alexa - Perfect body?

When I saw my wife Lara Latex engaging Candy in hot lesbo action, I thought to myself, "There's something missing here!" then I suddenly realised what it was. MY DICK, that is what was missing! A girl with a body like Candy's, i.e. perfect tits, little waist and beautiful round bum is lost unless there is a cock somewhere in the picture, i.e. MY COCK! lol So I hurried to the bathroom to freshen up and emptied half a bottle of Hai Karate! on me just to make sure. This stuff works great on the birds and also keeps wasps and flies away when you're at a barbecue! Anyway I arrived back on set just in time to marvel at what a wonderful body Candy has. It looks like it was fashioned by the Devil himself to wreak havoc. I reckon this is the real reason the Pope is resigning. I think he was surfing the net and accidentally stumbled on Candy in her...
Story published 23-03-2013, 12:38, viewed 2783 times and 0 comments left.
JimSlip.com - Gina H

Well, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoyed gorging all the food and salivating over the gorgeous Tracy Gold. Anyway, this week to celebrate New years Eve, we have the delectable Gina. You saw Gina make her appearance a few weeks ago, during which she dressed up in a school uniform and did some sexy single girl action. Well now she's back and this time has decided to take things to the next level. "What is the next level Jim?", I hear you enquire. Well the next level, per se, is where the lovely Gina has enquires as to the possibility of exploring beyond the boundaries of single girl xxx action and instead plunging into the steaming quagmire of hard core porno filth. Naturally, I warned her that she must undergo a strict vetting procedure to ensure that she is suitable for inclusion on jimslip.com. Anyway as you ...
Story published 22-03-2013, 14:23, viewed 2606 times and 0 comments left.