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Group (Autor: admin) - Original moravian orgy!
Story published 2-12-2014, 16:23, viewed 3500 times and 0 comments left.
Group (Autor: admin) - Wedding celebration orgy!

This movie was made in ridiculous conditions and was an absolute improvisation (one day we will tell you the whole story). When we first made it, we thought it was shit but now looking back we think it is an exceptional piece of porn. It’s the rebirth of the Bavarian porn comedy genre. In fact, this crazy piece is a whole new genre.
Story published 2-12-2014, 16:07, viewed 1920 times and 0 comments left. - Lucie Wild - Fitness Sex

I love fitness and a good fuck with a fitness instructor after exercise, especially when my body is sweating after intense aerobic session with many jumps and squats.
Story published 2-12-2014, 15:42, viewed 1647 times and 0 comments left. - Lucie Wild - Anal Sex

Nothing feels better than a cock deep in my tight lil butthole! Actually, it was one of the first times I ever tried anal sex with my ex-boyfriend. And I loved every second of it!
Story published 2-12-2014, 15:27, viewed 1915 times and 0 comments left.
Anal, Pornostars (Autor: admin) - Layla Price 2

Making a triumphant return is the amazing, Layla Price and her big booty butt hole. The first time she was here, she was paired up with Pauly Harker. This time, she's pitted against that twisted fuck, Gio. Gio used his cock with precision getting right to her throat's sweet spot. Lots and lots of stomach goo propelled from her porn star belly and onto our mat. The action was relentless... the humiliation was beautiful. It's not everyday you see a box cover porn star mop up her own slop with her hair and then ring it out in the infamous dog bowl... and that's only the first half. The next half featured some sick anal... hard and fast. Gio split her asshole in town with his meat. The gapes on this pig are incredible... wide as fuck!!! Hands down, this scene is a winner. You have to see it to believe. It's better when the pretty girls are nasty!
Story published 2-12-2014, 10:49, viewed 1655 times and 0 comments left.
Other (Autor: admin) - Stella Leigh

Stella Leigh is a tall stickly cunt that started off our shoot by flat out lying to me. She told me she was 23. If she has dyslexia, maybe... she's 32 at least. She is in excellent shape for her age, though. She's rail thin, probably because she can't afford food... but that's ok. I'd rather have these cunts skinny than fat and disgusting. I will give this pig credit. For having such a tiny head, she can consume hard cock like a boss. Every inch of Pauly's meat was crammed down her throat. She loved it, too! I love when these hogs self degrade themselves. She went on and on about how she's worthless and only good for providing a wet hole to fuck. Nice! Pauly had to hold back from busting a nut because her cunt was so fucking tight. She drained his ball sack quick and Pauly paid her back by dumping a load all over her face!
Story published 2-12-2014, 10:30, viewed 2387 times and 0 comments left. - Charlotte, Gabriela Daniels - The Desperation

Sexy blonde Gabriela is desperate to pee. She can feel her bladder ballooned out to maximum capacity and tiny dribbles of urine trying to escape from between her legs. Much to her surprise, the pressure inside is causing a feeling of arousal - one that she's never felt before, at least not like this. She just needs to hold off a little bit longer. Mistress Charlotte hasn't given her permission to pee yet and Gabriela knows that girls who don't obey get punished. The problem is, she's been drinking so much water and holding back the river of piss for so long... her desperation is growing by the second. Finally she can't hold it any longer. Still dressed in her school girl outfit and seated in a clear plastic chair, Gabriela feels a rush of warm fluid flowing between her legs, puddling in the chair and spilling over onto the floor. The sensation is one of overwhelming relief and it feels so incredibly good that she doesn't even care what punishment may follow. Little does she know, this is exactly what Charlotte has been waiting for. Finally, her little play-toy has done her bad deed and Charlotte can't wait for the games to begin. She absolutely loves to be in control and is getting so turned on just thinking about what's to come. Beckoning her submissive boyfriend into the room, Charlotte kicks off a long session of golden wet fucking between the three friends, making sure to leave not a single one of her desires unfulfilled.
Story published 2-12-2014, 09:43, viewed 1932 times and 0 comments left.
Anal, Pornostars (Autor: admin) - Martina Gold - Interviewing Her Ass

Martina Gold, that glamour pornstar from Italy, plays a celebrity who’s waiting for reporter Ben Kelly to show up and do an interview.
Story published 2-12-2014, 09:31, viewed 1410 times and 0 comments left.
Teens (Autor: admin) - Ksantia
Story published 2-12-2014, 09:17, viewed 1396 times and 0 comments left. - Kelsie
Story published 2-12-2014, 08:46, viewed 1733 times and 0 comments left.