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Andy goes to the grocery store to get some rice for dinner, but ends up picking up this college cutie Lisa instead. Getting all flirty and horny in his kitchen she doesn't know the sly guy has a hidden camera in his glasses and lets him get her naked and fuck her right there. Hot and silly - that's the way Andy loves teen chicks who play shy at first and then fuck like dirty sluts. This one gets a well-deserved mouthful of cum and loves it big time.
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Teens, Asian (Autor: admin) - Protrude

Don't you feel sorry? Sorry for those unfortunate girls, the nuts and the crazies? They all need love too you know. Protrude was completely nutty at one early point in her life. Totally out of it, howling at the moon at night, never knowing that she could be accepted as part of the human race. She ended up in an asylum. She ripped the curtains off her window, tore up her sheets, trashed her cell. Foul mouthed filthy little fucker, she was punished with six months solitary confinement. There she lay in a large light room, with no furniture, except an enormous replica penis. It was made out of toughened polyethylene, and was almost indestructible by bear hands. Protrude could not trash this cell, there was nothing in it, but she thrashed away at the penis with no effect. Gradually, after days, weeks, and months, she came to accept that the penis was to be respected, and was the center point of her life. She calmed down. She grew to love the penis. She yearned for real penis. A changed girl with a goal in life and a reason to live contently with other people, she was released. Protrude became a gogo girl, and now has penises to talk to and caress on a regular basis. Now you might want to know why a girl has such an unusual name, Protrude. It was noted by one of the asylum male nurses that when she was skipping about in her cell naked, as she often was, that her vaginal mound was more than merely prominent, it was large and protruded rearwards, almost the same size as her small buttocks. Watch out for it on the video. Thank goodness for mental hospitals.
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Teens, Asian (Autor: admin) - Fluid

Fluid was lying in the gutter, half drenched in a mixture of sperm, sweat and her own vaginal expellant. She is a cock sucking vagrant, partly because she cannot do anything else, and mainly because she has a genetic mutation such that her vagina overproduces natural lubricant. The crew of the road cleaning truck had all fucked her many times and now were having a difficult task of sweeping round her. Poor wretched girl. So I stepped in to rescue the unfortunate waif and put her to good use. She was happy to star in her first porn movie for the fantastic She loved it and dribbled sperm from her mouth, and gunk gushed from her vagina. Did not have a smell it just got everywhere, her tights were covered with it, the sofa was covered with it. Her hair got matted with it, not quite sure how it got up there. I had to wipe down the camera a couple of times. Pints of the bloody stuff. She thoroughly enjoyed it, I fucking did too. Then I kicked her out to shake it off back in the gutter again. Watch the video, and have a clean cloth at hand.
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The most secret dream of all teen sex admirers comes true at last. Give it up for Isabella - 19-year-old puss addicted to hard anal pumping. Believe it or not, but she really likes taking it up her ass - and she's here to show it to everyone willing!
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