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back 1 ... 622 623 624 625 626 627 628 629 630 ... 656forward - Madlin, Denise, Lana - The Sexual Voyages of Sinbad!

Everybody’s heard about the seven voyages of the legendary hero know, where our hero fights two-headed birds and a Cyclops and skeleton warriors...these voyages were made into a very famous 1950s Hollywood movie. But do you know about The SEXUAL Voyages of Sinbad, which take place after he settles down? His sexual voyages consist of walking from bedroom to bedroom in his palace, satisfying his desires with his hand-picked harem! Here's the full picture: Having accrued great riches on his journeys, Sinbad can now afford to keep a gigantic harem, and these are three of his top hotties: blonde Lana, lusty Madlin in the jeweled headband, and mischievous Denise in the gold headband. At first, Sinbad thought he would be bored by staying home and not having adventures, but his harem gals prove him wrong! An exciting afternoon in his palace starts with being served grapes by Denise and Lana, while Madlin performs a sultry dance. Naturally such stimulating entertainment leads to a hard-on for Sinbad, which Denise and Lana immediately attend to, each taking their turns sucking it. Madlin soon joins the party and licks Sinbad’s balls and tugs on his sac while Lana sits on his face and Denise takes his tool in her twat. Madlin licks at Denise’s rosebud while Denise kisses Lana. Things get more furiously horny as Madlin samples some of that Sinbadian meat in her mouth, but when Denise wants to put that schlong into her box, Madlin shifts to sucking Denise’s titties. Of course, being a hardy warrior type, Sinbad isn’t content to just lay back while the ladies do all the work! Soon he’s on his knees banging Lana doggie style while Denise licks his balls. Madlin keeps busy with Denise’s snatch in her mouth, until Denise is placed down on Sinbad’s prick for riding. The other two girls worship her ass cheeks while she goes “cowgirl” on Sinbad’s prick--although, come to think of it, “cowgirls” had not even been invented yet, much less "cowgirl style," as America had yet to be discovered at the time of Sinbad! assured that although he is not fighting giant monsters anymore, our man Sinbad is still adventurous, cramming Madlin’s asshole while Lana licks her clit, until Denise starts sucking his dick when it pops out into the air for a breather from that tight, dark harem girl bungie. Finally our conquering sailor man unloads his heavy cargo of sperm all over the mouths of his attentive concubines!
Story published 25-10-2012, 10:32, viewed 1515 times and 0 comments left. - Victoria Blaze and Kari - Enough Lust For Three Lifetimes!

Victoria Blaze and Kari, wearing almost the same pink bra and panty sets, could be mistaken for twins if you didn’t look closely to see that Victoria has black hair and slightly bigger tits. George Uhl can more readily tell them apart, though, since he gets up close and personal with them on a bed. The girls are oohing and ahhing over their new pink laptop when George comes in through the window. Hey, that’s a unique approach to meeting girls! Soon the laptop is wisely put to the side as they concentrate on extracting his prick from his pants. He stands on the bed to make it easier for them, to keep his cock at their eye and mouth level. Victoria and Kari take turns sucking the huge organ as George’s slacks slide to his knees. Victoria sits on his face while Kari concentrates on his dick, but then he takes off his shirt and starts to fuck Victoria from behind. But Kari wants that dick in her mouth, so George transfers it to her face. But wait! Kari decides she wants to eat pussy too, so George bangs her snatch while she plants her mouth between Victoria’s thighs. However, Victoria wants some of that good penis too, so she grabs it with her mouth for awhile. Then Kari courteously directs George’s dong into Victoria’s vag, while Kari sucks Vic’s nips. But wait--now it’s time for Kari to ride that cock...and Victoria to suck it again...and George to lick Kari’s clam...and to fuck that clam...but no, wait, Vicky’s sucking his prick again after he takes it out of Kari’s box...then he’s fucking Kari, he’s fucking Vicky...and when his prick comes up for air, Kari catches his load on her tongue, which she generously shares with Victoria. So you get the idea, compadres? There’s enough fucking and sucking in this new scene for three lifetimes!
Story published 25-10-2012, 10:06, viewed 1051 times and 0 comments left.
Pornostars (Autor: admin) - Jasmine Webb - The Squitarium of Doctor Danny Dickus

Jasmine has been suffering from headaches lately and when she visits the eccentric doctor Danny D he has a startling revelation for her. Jasmine's pussy has become home to a demon and the only way to rid herself of it is through copious amounts of squirting...lucky for Jasmine, doctor Danny has exactly the right tool for the job...his massive cock.
Story published 25-10-2012, 09:43, viewed 1245 times and 1 comments left.
DaneJones|Orgasms - Ivy, George - My Gentleman Lover

Ivy is more than 20 years younger than George. His maturity and experie
nce excites her! She loves being taken by a man who knows what he is doing, especially if he wants to see her shudder in orgasmic delight!

George gets very excited when he works for us, not only does he love our sensual and natural style, but he also shares our love of women. He is a true gentleman when he makes love, a very unselfish lover who takes great joy in seeing a girl quiver in pleasure. He gets so excited that he comes multiple times during a scene! The girls love this too, they know they excite him and it's quite the thrill to bring that out in someone!

George takes his sweet time with the gorgeous young Ivy, he undresses her and kisses her all over, then opens her legs to taste her delicious pussy, which swells and moistens with every suck and lick. George can't resist nuzzling at Ivy's bum hole, his primal urges take over and he enjoys savouring Ivy's tight ass to her delight!

His rock hard, thick cock penetrates her and she gleefully shivers as it stretches her, as she feels him enter deeper inside her. She is so warm and tight that George comes before she can, but he's not finished, like a considerate lover he continues to pleasure her until she is exhausted, and satisfied. He too had his fill, ejaculating twice and enjoying every passing second of intimacy with the incredible young lady.
Story published 25-10-2012, 09:43, viewed 1571 times and 0 comments left. - Rachel RoXXX & Chanel Preston , Will Powers & Bill Bailey - S.L.U.D.S. - Subhumanoid Lesbian Underground Dwellers

Bill and Will are soldiers patrolling an unsecured area in the Nevada desert in a near-distant dystopian future. When they stumble upon a strange unidentified naked woman, they hesitate to call for backup. When they don't, they find themselves ambushed and dragged to a secret underground bunker in which these babes suck them DRY!
Story published 25-10-2012, 08:52, viewed 944 times and 0 comments left. - Leyla Black - Stern Employee Discipline

When it comes to his very legitimate, certified-by-the-city massage establishment, David Perry tries to run a tight ship. Leyla Black had good references and he thought she would be a good employee as a masseuse, but he quickly discovers she likes to goof off and even damage the equipment. Not good. Not good at all...he decides she has to learn a lesson. Let’s just bend this girl over and give her a good spanking, for starters! Yes, David thinks, this smooth warm ass has probably not received the spankings it has deserved in the past, but that’s all going to change! Her attitude today is clearly a result of the laxness of her earlier life. He’s going to make a better employee of her through strict discipline...well, she took that initial spanking well enough. However, David thinks that perhaps she WANTED the spanking, and had manipulated him with her bad behavior into giving it. Well, let’s see how she feels being disciplined in the nude. “You are going to clean up that mess you made on the floor, young lady!” he barks, bringing over the sweeper and dustpan. On second thought, that dustpan could teach her a lesson too...David likes to get original with his disciplinary methods. Oh yes, the dustpan is quite effective on naughty Leyla's butt! SMACK SMACK SMACK! “Raise your legs, I’m not finished yet!” SMACK SMACK SMACK! But he feels she needs more. He gets her on her knees on the massage table, where she could have been giving massages and earning money, but no, she wanted to be a lazy slug of a girl and file her nails instead of pleasing clients! Well, let’s use one of the massage cream bottles to teach her a further lesson. SMACK SMACK SMACK! “Yes, cry out, you bad girl, but you brought this on yourself! Now let’s get down to brass tacks with some old-fashioned over-the-knee butt-warming! Oh you nasty girl, I can feel your pussy leaking on my slacks while I spank this ass of yours! You’re a dirty-minded little slut, aren’t you? You like this! You want this! Well, then I’ll have to find some other ways to teach you a lesson...” Looking down at his handiwork, her reddened seat, David knows that he has done his good deed for the day. But the job is not done, because he can tell she still thinks she can get over on him. So more is in store for naughty Miss Leyla Black! See exactly WHAT in next week’s installment.
Story published 23-10-2012, 11:28, viewed 1135 times and 0 comments left.
Anal, Pornostars (Autor: admin) - Bettina DiCapri - Construction Cornholers! [HD 720p]

It looks like Bettina DiCapri is supplementing her work as a busy model by doing construction work! And we’re all in favor of it, as she looks pretty hot in her hardhat, wife-beater tee, blue shorts, and work boots. She calls up to Mugur, who’s above on the scaffolding, to give him a snack of watermelon, but soon enough he’s distracted by her titties bobbing in the tee and he pours his drink into her cleavage. The melon is put aside as Bettina jacks his prick and sucks it through a crevice in the scaffolding as his schlong hangs down. Then she climbs up and sucks him on her knees on the scaffold, before bending over so he can lick her pussy and asshole. But safety regulations being what they are these days, our intrepid workers nonetheless keep their hardhats on! Climbing down so they won’t collapse the entire scaffold with their humpings, Bettina stands on the ladder so Mugur can conveniently cram his finger into her anus; then they reverse positions and Bettina blows his bone. The floor is their proper destination, however, as they finally get down there so Bettina can put his cock in her ass and ride it cowgirl style, before taking it back in her mouth for a spell. But once a girl has been cornholed and tasted Mugur's meat in her moons, she can’t do without it, and Bettina’s booty is soon riding his shaft once again as she leans over him, which produces a pretty nice gape which of course means there will be lots of room for the creamy lake he’s going to spurt in there. Once he fills her ass with his sperm, they remember again that they were hungry--and get back to eating that watermelon, even as Mugur’s goo dries in Miss DiCapri’s caboose!
Story published 23-10-2012, 11:00, viewed 838 times and 0 comments left. - Beata Undine - Meeting the Trouser Monster!

Beata Undine is in for a very large treat at the end of her pleasant date with Ian Scott! Taking her back to his apartment, he gets the well-read, academically inclined young lady (she's studying the Greek and Roman classics at college) into the mood for lovin' by showing her a book of erotic stories from the nineteenth century, a volume that has been passed down in his family from grandfather to father to son.
Story published 23-10-2012, 10:16, viewed 1560 times and 0 comments left.
Pornostars (Autor: admin) - Dylan Riley - Every Man's Dream

Dylan finds herself baring her naked, tight body on campus, intentionally turning everyone around. When her professor pulls her aside to express concern, she taunts him and dares him to suck on her big tits, to eat her pussy and to fuck her absolutely senseless.
Story published 23-10-2012, 09:44, viewed 1001 times and 0 comments left.
Pornostars (Autor: admin) - Cameron Canada - Babysitter Bonage

Bill has just found out that his babysitter Cameron has been fucking men in his house. Well, he's not too thrilled, and he knows the only way to teach her a lesson is to fuck her brains out.
Story published 23-10-2012, 09:03, viewed 890 times and 0 comments left.
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