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Teens, Asian (Autor: admin) - Gretchen - Young, Fresh & Naughty

When I say young, I mean 18 years old. When I say fresh, just look at her lovely skin, hair and pussy. When I say naughty, I mean for the fact that she enjoys sucking and fucking as much as any hardened slut bargirl, despite her youth and lack of experience.
Story published 9-02-2014, 14:47, viewed 636 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Asian (Autor: admin) - Tina - Trick or Teats

Despite the gloomy weather, we got rather lucky this rainy October afternoon. We spotted Tina here walking along a busy road so we stopped and called her over. She was more than happy to get out of the rain, and the short conversation over lunch told us she might treat us to some tricks a little later.
Story published 9-02-2014, 14:20, viewed 464 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Group (Autor: admin) - Saskia - No condoms allowed

Saskia is a girl with a sensational great body and if she has sex she really goes for it. No condoms because she wants to get covered in sperm, without the sperm the sex is not complete for Saskia!
Story published 9-02-2014, 13:38, viewed 347 times and 0 comments left.
Teens (Autor: admin) - Cecilia - Cum in her young pussy

Cecilia is another girl who loves sex without a condom. She loves the feeling of warm sperm getting shot into her tight young pussy, it really makes her cum hard!
Story published 9-02-2014, 13:10, viewed 519 times and 0 comments left.
Amateur, Casting (Autor: admin) - Amanda - Wannabe model loves it rough

Amanda really has the model looks, a tall blonde with pretty face, long legs and a perfectly shaped ass. She also confessed she is into riding cock most and enjoys rough sex up to the point when she has some scratches and bruises after it. Now you might wonder why she would call me two weeks after an audition screaming at me, threating and shit. Well, I told her I'd never put this video on the Internet, but I did and she somehow found it. Oops!
Story published 9-02-2014, 12:33, viewed 466 times and 0 comments left. - Natalie - Fuck those promises

When Natalie agreed to have sex on camera she also said she'd be just pissed if I put the video on the Internet. Well, when I saw a giant dick drawn on my car the next week I knew she found my site somehow, but who cares. She got her 2 grand and I got to fuck that lovely pussy of hers. Don't say you didn't enjoy it bitch cuz I made you cum hard and paid you some good money for it. Next time think twice before letting a total stranger fuck you on cam.
Story published 9-02-2014, 11:59, viewed 372 times and 0 comments left.
Story published 9-02-2014, 11:30, viewed 400 times and 0 comments left. - Carla Cox - Carla Rocks

Carla Cox is a hot blonde and she knows it! She teases in sheer blue pantyhose and a tiny plaid shirt as she shows off her round ass and legs. Climbing onto a glass table, Carla pees through her pantyhose and lets us film her from underneath. It's so hot as her piss forms a puddle on the table. She enjoys every minute of it and rubs her feet in her warm liquid. Carla starts to strip and fires more piss into a vase. She pipettes it all over her legs before rubbing her pussy with her fingers then a sex toy!
Story published 9-02-2014, 10:43, viewed 504 times and 0 comments left.
Story published 8-02-2014, 22:16, viewed 305 times and 0 comments left.
Story published 8-02-2014, 21:57, viewed 392 times and 0 comments left.
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