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Asian (Autor: admin) - Tan - Chubby little Thai fuck puppet

After hangin’ around getting bored for some time a few days ago, the boys were just about to give up until they seen a leggy, yet short, girl strolling on by. Not being one to let any chance slip by, Mr Naughty RAN after her into a shop just to see what this cat was all about and apparently, the bloke driving the Honda Civic can’t park worth a shit and fucked up the camera’s focus but he eventually talked her into coming to the TukTuk after reassuring the shop’s bouncer she was ok to go with him and paying for her drink.
Story published 30-10-2013, 14:37, viewed 3081 times and 0 comments left.
Asian (Autor: admin) - Lovely - Mallside Mouth Messing

It’s good to change up the patrol locations sometimes for a different crowd of girls, so Jonas decided to scout a different mall than the usual ones. Another tactic he was testing out was bringing one of his female friends along to help approach the girls easier. It wasn’t long before they spotted a sexy looking babe in a striped top and jeans strolling through the half-empty mall solo.
Story published 30-10-2013, 14:32, viewed 1399 times and 0 comments left.
Milf, Asian (Autor: admin) - Missy - Member’s Only Monday MILF

Did you ever wonder what LBFM hunters used to patrol for puki before the advent of our beloved tricycles? It’s tough to imagine a world without trikes, I know. But such a time did exist my friends, believe it or not. And on that glorious day when trikes finally did arrive on scene here in the Pinas, do you know what they first called them? Horseless Chariots of course.
Story published 29-10-2013, 14:54, viewed 1402 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Asian (Autor: admin) - Mercy - Sublime Splooge Mitten

There’s nothing quite like feeling that swarmy swarth of 3rd-world humanity surrounding you in these stinky, noisy urban centers of the Philippines. People and chickens alike, just sitting around clucking, waiting for nothing. “Hey Sir, hapf a seat..” Why the fuck would I want to have a seat in the middle of this sweaty inner-city ghetto of a place? But just about then, you are invariably reminded of why you ever came to this otherwise dreadful place: The girls. Oh, those Filipina girls. They can totally blind you to the omnipresent ugliness and despair that abounds here.
Story published 29-10-2013, 14:30, viewed 1279 times and 0 comments left.
Asian (Autor: admin) - Jhane - Dick Drizzle Drinker

If you are any type of monger worth your salt and you see an LBFM dressed like this one, you have to stop what you’re doing and follow it. Jonas was not about to let this tarty looking piece of Pinay ass in a tight pink dress get away, so he flicked his cam to video mode and went in behind her. He was betting her dress wasn’t the only thing that was tight and pink and he was gonna do his damnedest to find out.
Story published 28-10-2013, 16:51, viewed 1098 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Asian (Autor: admin) - Princess - Welcome Back Ball-Draining

Looky looky who’s back! Why, it’s none other than Asian pussy monger extraordinaire, Johnny Tron! When we told him some of you over here at Trike Patrol were asking about him lately, he was more than happy to make an impromptu return to where he began his exhibitionist mongering journey. While he’s keeping pretty busy these days traveling all throughout Asia, he said that anytime he passes through the Philippines, he’ll be hopping back in the trike with us for at least a couple of rides.
Story published 28-10-2013, 16:26, viewed 1792 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Asian (Autor: admin) - Karen - Bay Breeze Beach Sleaze

Ah, the beach. There’s nothing better than walking along the water, sand beneath your feet, wind in your hair, waves lapping up against the shore. Well, almost nothing. A warm, hassle-free LBFM pussy to cap it all off would certainly make it better, wouldn’t you agree?
Story published 27-10-2013, 17:40, viewed 1531 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Asian (Autor: admin) - Caren - Convenient Selection Sexin’

Tourist Bob was back in town this week and dutifully recorded another LBFM snatch & grab for us. The lucky bastard lives in another near-by Southeast Asian country (to remain undisclosed) so he’s able to hop over here whenever he feels the urge. Thankfully for us, he feels the urge quite a bit, and who can blame him when he’s able to score sexy young snatch like this all the time?
Story published 27-10-2013, 17:14, viewed 1389 times and 0 comments left.
Milf, Asian (Autor: admin) - Cristina - Hardcore Humping Hobbyist

When it’s crazy hot and sunny like it’s been here lately, you either wanna be in your hotel room, relaxing in the pool or inside someplace with good AirCon blasting. The last place you wanna be is walking around outside in a concrete jungle with trike & jeepney exhaust fumes sticking to your sweaty clothes. Jonas knows this all too well by now so he headed for the nicely chilled mall on base. Not only is it a retreat from the harsh Philippine sun, but it’s always a haven for pussy just waiting to be had.
Story published 26-10-2013, 14:00, viewed 1217 times and 0 comments left.
Teens, Asian (Autor: admin) - Cindy - The Tail of Two-Pace

If you have any Filipina experience whatsoever, you undoubtedly know about their hopeless confusion between the letters “P” and “F”. It’s unbelievably cute when they mix them up, but belly-achingly hysterical at the same time. They’ll just never get it right (no matter how many foreigners they hook up with). Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard: “Oooh yah, Puck my Foosy babeh!” I can’t get enough of that shit….it fucking kills me…even after all these years, lol.
Story published 26-10-2013, 13:31, viewed 1388 times and 0 comments left.
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